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Make sure to enable Form Labels within Sa11y's settings.

Accessibility tests for form inputs.

Example 1

Error: Input without a label or missing id.

Example 2

Error: Input with ID, although previous label does not have a for attribute.

Example 3

Warning: Input is using aria-label. It is not recommended to use this method since there is no visual label.

Example 4

Pass: Input has id and label has corresponding for attribute.

Example 5

Warning: Input where type='reset'.

Example 6

Pass: Input where type='submit'

Example 7

Pass: Input where type='button'.

Example 8

Pass: Implicit labels. <label>First name: <input type="text"/><label>

Example 9

Fail: Implicit labels without text. <label><input type="text"/><label>

Example 10

Fail: Select without corresponding label.

Example 11

Fail: Textarea missing label.

Example 12

Pass: Textarea has label.