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PDF content

A warning is added to any hyperlinks that have a .pdf file extension. A warning icon is only appended to the first PDF detected on the page to avoid overwhelming a content author. All other PDF links are visually highlighted. For example:

Uppercase text

This warning is to discourage the use of uppercase text. This is not a WCAG 2.1 requirement, however based on research it is a strongly discouraged practice for readability. Secondly, some capitalized words may be mistaken for an acronym and ready out character by character with a screen reader.

This condition uses regex to find uppercase words that are at least 3 characters in length, however it will only be indicated as a warning if at least 5 uppercase words within an element is found. It only checks for uppercase words within the following elements: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, li, span, blockquote.

Example #1


Example #2

FOR EXAMPLE, this WILL NOT be flagged.

Example #3

  • UPPERCASE TEXT WITHIN BULLETS will be flagged too.

Audio and video

This condition is meant to act as a friendly reminder. Videos will recieve a warning to ensure captions are available. Audio will recieve a warning to ensure the podcast/audio has a transcript. This condition does not test whether captions or transcripts are present. Customize this condition by adding your own media streaming sources.

Example #1 - Video

This condition tests for the presence of an HTML <video> tag, YouTube and Vimeo.

Example #2 - Audio

This condition tests for the presense of an HTML <audio> tag and SoundCloud.

Detect specific links

Customize this condition to create an error for any links that point to a development environment. This does not detect dead (404) links. Using W3Schools CSS Selector Reference, customize this condition to add your own.

For example, a hyperlink that points to wp-admin incorrectly: About Ryerson

Fake list content

a) Sometimes people will manually create a list
b) using fake list prefixes
c) instead of using a semantic list.

Another fake list

a. Apples

b. Bananas

c. Pears